Cervical Screening - Health Professionals

The page for Health Professionals in the Cervical Screening Programme.

The cervical screening programme in Northern Ireland primarily operates to the same standards and guidance as the NHS cervical screening programme. Key national guidance, standards and best practice documents for health professionals in primary care, laboratories and colposcopy can be found here.

Additional guidance and reports specific to Northern Ireland are published where required or where there is significant local deviation from the national documentation.

Cervical Screening Publications

Annual Reports

Coverage Rates

Incident / Learning Event reporting protocol

Laboratory reporting profiles 2014/15

Laboratory reporting profiles 2015/16

QA Structure Document

HPV Testing and Documentation

HPV Test Result Letters for GPs

HPV Publications

HPV Training / Archive presentations

Primary Care Guides

Northern Ireland Standards for Nurses and Midwife Education Providers: Cervical Screening Sample Taking (NEW)

Cervical call / recall guidance for Primary Care - Updated July 2015

Northern Ireland Training & Audit Requirements for Cervical Sample Takers

A guide to understanding sample taking performance data.